Fuel prices increase significantly again

NEWS 15.03.2022 12:59
Source: N1

As of Tuesday, Eurosuper 95 is sold at most petrol stations in Croatia at a price of 13 per litre kuna, which is 0.82 kuna more than on Monday, the price of Eurodiesel has gone up by 1.40 kuna, while premium diesel fuels cost more than 15 kuna per litre.

According to data on the website of the Economy and Sustainable Development Ministry and the cijenegoriva.info portal, the price of Eurosuper 95 at petrol stations operated by Ina, Petrol, Crodux, Lukoil and some other distributors is 13 kuna per litre, having gone up from 12.18 kuna per litre.

The price increase of Eurodiesel is slightly higher, and at most petrol stations it is sold at 13.91 kuna per litre, having previously been sold at 12.51 kuna per litre. Premium diesel fuels are sold at more than 15 kuna per litre.

Last week the government decided to lock margins on petroleum product transactions and temporarily reduce excise duties on diesel and gasoline in order to lower fuel prices.

As a result, the total margin on diesel and petrol was locked at 0.75 kuna per litre, and at 0.50 kuna per litre for blue-dyed diesel.

Amendments to legislation on excise duties have reduced excise duties by 0.20 kuna per litre of unleaded gasoline for 90 days, and the reduction for diesel is 0.40 kuna per litre.

The government’s assessment was that based on those measures, the price growth of Eurosuper and Eurodiesel would be between 0.80 kuna and 1.20 kuna per litre, while without the measures the real market increase in prices would have been around 2 kuna.

(€1 = 7.5 kuna)


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