Former JANAF boss Dragan Kovacevic released from investigative jail

NEWS 26.05.2021 19:23
Source: N1

Former director of the JANAF oil pipeline operator Dragan Kovacevic is being released from investigative jail on Wednesday after all the witnesses in the JANAF graft case have been questioned, Zagreb County Court confirmed for Hina.

Kovacevc is expected to be released from the Remetinec together with JANAF director for safety and protection Vlado Zoric, who was also detained pursuant to a request by the USKOK anti-corruption office for fear of influencing witnesses.

The owner of the Cefis company, Ivan Siric, and the owner of the MGS company, Edo Seifried, had been released previously.

USKOK believes that in the period from March 2012 to 16 September 2020 Kovacevic fixed a tender to make it possible for Siric’s company to win a number of IT contracts worth HRK 18.2 million in exchange for two flats, in Zagreb and Split, and for an Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the lease of a Lexus.

In doing so, Kovacevic convinced Siric to hide his ownership of the flats and cars worth HRK 2.8 million by having Siric register them as his company’s property, USKOK contends.

USKOK believes that Kovacevic fixed jobs for Siric’s company and business partners so they could win contracts for services and products valued at a total of HRK 37.5 million.

Kovacevic was arrested again on 7 April, less than five months after being released from investigative jail, where he had spent three months. He is suspected of taking bribes from the main suspect in the JANAF scandal, the owner of the Elektro Centar Petek company, Kreso Petek.


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