Father-murderer of his three children placed in remand

NEWS 29.09.2021 13:31
Source: N1

A Zagreb County Court investigative judge on Wednesday ordered remand custody for Harald Kopitz (56), who is suspected of killing his three children on Saturday.

The investigative judge ordered custody for Kopitz at the recommendation of the State Prosecutor, due to the danger of influencing witnesses, repeating the crime, and due to the seriously aggravating circumstances.

After Kopitz was interrogated, the prosecutor informed on Tuesday that Kopitz has been charged with three grievous crimes, premeditated homicide of his three children.

Kopitz’s officially assigned defence attorney, Marko Ivica, said that after his client was questioned by the police, he was of a relatively stable psychological state.

Ivica added that a medical report is expected to determine Kopitz’s mental state at the time of committing the crime.

Kopitz was arrested on Monday after he was released from the Vrapce Psychiatric Hospital. He was interned there after being treated in a hospital after allegedly trying to commit suicide.

The night the three children were killed their mother was not in Zagreb and the children were supposed to spend the weekend with their father.


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