Every fourth coronavirus test positive in Slovenia in last 24 hours

NEWS 16.10.2021 11:29
Source: Ilustracija/ Jure Makovec / AFP

Slovenia's government reported on Saturday morning that every fourth test for coronavirus had been positive in the last 24 hours when the country registered 1,437 new cases of the infection.

In the said period, the COVID-related death toll has increased by four more fatalities to 4,635.

On Saturday, there were 398 hospitalised COVID patients, and of them, 119 were in intensive care wards, which means that three in ten hospitalised COVID patients were in those wards.

Slovenia’s seven-day incidence rate per 100,000 increased by 9.3% to 933, whereas the latest 14-day incidence rate was 577 cases of the infection per 100,000.


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