EC Representation calls on Croats to create Europe’s future

NEWS 22.04.2021 20:42
Source: N1

The head of the European Commission Representation in Croatia, Ognian Zlatev, called on Croatian citizens on Thursday to contribute with their proposals to the debate on the EU's future via the digital platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The executive committee of the Conference on Monday launched a multilingual platform to enable European citizens to state opinions and participate in shaping Europe’s future (

Speaking to the Croatian state news agency Hina, Zlatev said the public could and should participate in creating the EU’s future and achieving its targets.

In only three days since since the launch of the platform, 700 reactions to the work of the principal European institutions have been received, he said.

Most proposals are from people aged 18-25 and this shows that young people are interested in political issues after all, he added.

The Conference on the Future of Europe is expected to be officially launched on 9 May, Europe Day.


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