EBRD director visits Petrinja, announces assistance to earthquake-affected area

NEWS 10.03.2022 19:57
Source: N1

The director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) office in Croatia, Victoria Zinchuk, visited the central town of Petrinja on Thursday and announced the bank's assistance in revitalising the area after the December 2020 earthquake.

Zinchuk and her aides met with Mayor Magdalena Komes to get acquainted with possible projects, and visited several locations in the town where they spoke with local officials and volunteers engaged in relief efforts.

She met with representatives of the IKS association, whose volunteers are helping earthquake victims, in particular young people and children, staying in container homes in Moscenica.

Zinchuk, originally Ukrainian, said that the EBRD stood with Croatia and the earthquake-affected area and would assist in its reconstruction.

We have seen that a lot has already been done for children, who are our future. We must take care of them, inspire them and guide them. Coming here is very important to me, to confirm the EBRD’s solidarity and on behalf of the people of Ukraine. It is important to us to remember that we are affected by terrible events. We must not forget about one another, because together we are stronger, Zinchuk said outside the so-called Ukraine House in the container settlement in Moscenica.

She said that the EBRD could do a lot, but noted that Croatia may have not yet realised the bank’s full potential, stressing the importance of cooperation between the public, private and civil sectors in searching for solutions.

Zinchuk invited the private sector to encourage fast solutions, saying that the process should be all-encompassing and should definitely include citizens.

Mayor Komes expressed regret that the people of Petrinja, being in a difficult situation themselves, could not help refugees from Ukraine. She said that they had discussed the reconstruction and revitalisation of Petrinja after the devastating earthquake.


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