Delta variant to become dominant in Slovenia ‘in a week or two’

NEWS 15.07.2021 14:51
Source: ALEX HALADA / AFP /ilustracija

Slovenia has confirmed 200 cases of the more contagious coronavirus Delta variant to date and it is estimated that within a week or two it can become the dominant variant in that country.

The latest data released by authorized laboratories indicate that sequenced samples taken in Slovenia, have confirmed 200 cases of the Delta variant and that 65 cases were confirmed in the week from 27 June to 4 July. In the week before that, 70 cases were confirmed. The laboratories are still waiting for the results of sequenced samples taken from several hundred graduate students who were on a trip to Spain and who have most likely been infected with the Delta variant, Slovenian media reported on Thursday.

The Delta variant is in a phase of exponential growth in Slovenia and it could dominate over other variants within a week or two, the head of the country’s Covid response team of experts, epidemiologist Mateja Logar, told the POP TV broadcaster.

The Slovenian government is continuing to warn that the autumn could see an upsurge of the Covid-19 cases with new variants and an insufficient number of people who have been inoculated.

Slovenia has inoculated about 36% of its population and it is considering introducing compulsory vaccination for some employees working in vulnerable services. Logar announced that free Covid tests would be abolished for people who have not been vaccinated.


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