Defence Ministry joins Visegrad Battlegroup memorandum

NEWS 18.08.2022 18:34
Source: N1

The Croatian Ministry of Defence (MORH) has joined the Memorandum of Understanding between the defence ministries of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, which establishes the principles for the operations of the Visegrád Battlegroup in the first half of next year, MORH said on Thursday.

At its meeting today, the government reached a conclusion on the memorandum that regulates the work of the EU battlegroup in the period from 1 January to 30 June 2023.

This is a European Union Battlegroup led by Poland that will be on standby from 1 January to 30 June 2023, and the  Croatian Armed Forces participate in it with up to eight members. By signing this document, we have ensured the framework for participation and arranged the relations between the participants, logistical and other activities, said Minister Banozic.

He added that by taking part in that battlegroup, Croatia continues to contribute to the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, as well as strengthening bilateral relations with the participants in the battlegroup, MORH said in a press release.

Croatia joined the battlegroup, established by Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic as the countries of the Visegrád group, in 2019.


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