December 9th straight month with a decline in number of unemployed Croats y-o-y

NEWS 10.01.2022 20:34
Source: Pexels/Ilustracija

At the end of December, 125,715 people were registered with the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ), which is 34,130 or 21.4% fewer jobseekers than in December 2020, the HZZ reported on Monday.

December was the ninth consecutive month to see a year-on-year drop in the number of jobless persons, however, unemployment increased slightly on the month. In December there were 0.01% or 14 more jobless people than in November.

Daily HZZ data show that 128,255 people are currently registered with the HZZ, which is 2,540 more jobless persons than at the end of December. The HZZ currently has 15,461 vacancies advertised.

In December, there were 13,713 newly registered jobseekers or 9.9% less than in December 2020.

22.1% of unemployed are on the dole

In December, 27,729 people out of work or 22.1% of the total of unemployed persons, were entitled to unemployment benefits, which is a drop of 21.6% or 7,659 fewer people than in December 2020.


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