Croatia’s jobless claims down 19.3 pct in March 2022

NEWS 21.04.2022 14:36
Source: Shutterstock/Ilustracija

In March 2022 the total number of employed Croatians was 1.56 million, or 1.3 percent up year-on-year, the sate statistics bureau said.

There were 125,600 jobless people, down 19.3 percent year-on-year. The registered unemployment rate was 7.5 percent, down from January and February 2022, when it was 7.8 percent. In March 2022, the largest number of those employed, 1.34 million, were employed at various companies, up by 1.2 percent from March 2021.

In trades and freelance professions there were 189,400 persons in employment, up by 2.6 percent on the year. There were 18,700 persons in employment in agriculture, down 1.8 percent on the year.

In trade, there were 206,700 persons in employment, up 1.2 percent on the year; in education there were 123,600, up 2.4 percent on the year; in public administration and defence there were 109,800, down 1.6 percent on the year; in health and social work there were 105,600, up 2.5 percent on the year; and 105,200 persons were in employment in construction, up 1.2 percent on the year.


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