Croatian unions announce protest rally in Zagreb to mark Labour Day

NEWS 21.04.2022 15:37
Source: Davorin Visnjic/PIXSELL

The SSSH union federation announced they would mark the International Workers' Day on 1 May with a protest march in Zagreb, to "warn about the need for pay rises, better protection of workers' rights, and the importance collective bargaining," state agency Hina said, carrying a press release. The rally, traditionally held on May Day, was cancelled in 2021 and 2020 due to the coronavirus.

Leader of SSSH, Mladen Novosel, said the unions’ goal was for the average salary reach “at least €1,500” and minimum wage €750 by 2026. He said he was “confident the goal will be achieved through collective agreements,” which, he said, “some employers continue to reject.”

“The protest rally will be the first warning that we will do everything in the coming period to have a clear system of collective bargaining in the private sector as well as maximum coverage of workers with collective agreements,” he said.

“We demand that the government, as the employer, raises wages in the public sector in line with GDP and inflation growth, and that, as the legislator, it encourages collective bargaining and reduces currying favour with employers,” he added.


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