Croatian independent cinemas announce summer screenings of Ukrainian films

NEWS 01.07.2022 12:57
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Source: Pixabay / Ilustracija

In early July, a program supported by the state film institute HAVC screening Ukrainian films at independent cinemas throughout Croatia will launch, state agency Hina said on Friday, adding that Croatian audiences will have the opportunity to see "three Ukrainian classics, and three contemporary productions."

The program will last until September, with more than 20 independent cinemas around the country involved. The screenings have been organized in cooperation with the Ukrainian state archive, the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Film Centre.

The three Ukrainian classics that will be shown to the Croatian audience will include the silent 1929 documentary Man with a Movie Camera directed by Dziga Vertov, the 1961 comedy Chasing Two Hares directed by Viktor Ivanov, and the 1965 romance drama Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors directed by Sergei Parajanov.

HAVC described these films as gems of Ukrainian cinema which should serve as an “excellent starting point to get to know Ukrainian film culture.”

The contemporary selection includes the 2020 war documentary The Earth Is Blue as an Orange directed by Iryna Tsilyk, the 2014 crime drama The Tribe, directed by Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi, and the 2021 coming-of-age drama Stop-Zemlia directed by Kateryna Gornostai which was screened at the 2021 Berlin Film Festival.


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