Croatian FM: I expect Russia to withdraw from Ukraine

NEWS 24.08.2022 22:02
Source: REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko/File

Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlic-Radman said on Wednesday, on the occasion of Ukraine's Independence Day, that he is sure that Russia will become aware of its "adventurous move" and withdraw from Ukraine.

Ukraine, which has been exposed to Russia’s aggression for six months, marks Independence Day on 24 August in memory in commemoration of the Declaration of Independence of 1991 adopted during the collapse of the Communist-led Soviet Union.

“We are sure that in the coming period, the Russian Federation will realise that this (invasion) was actually an adventurous move, that peace, justice, and the functioning of a world international order based on respect for borders and sovereignty cannot be ensured in this way,” Grlic-Radman told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

“We expect the withdrawal of Russian soldiers and recognition of Ukraine’s sovereignty,” he added.

Grlic-Radman congratulated the “proud country of Ukraine” and added that Ukrainians showed huge courage in defending their homeland, just as Croatia did in the Homeland War.

He believes that the democratic world is on the “right side” by helping Kyiv and believes that the European Union’s solidarity with Ukraine will be maintained, even though not all countries are equally affected by the consequences of the war.


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