Croatian euro coin designs presented in Zagreb

NEWS 04.02.2022 15:53
Source: N1

Croatia's national council for the adoption of the euro presented the winning designs for the Croatian-minted euro coins, expected to enter circulation once Croatia joins the euro zone.

The €2 coin in Croatia will feature a map of Croatia, and a quote about freedom from renaissance writer Ivan Gundulic’s famous work “Dubravka.” The €1 coin will depict the marten (“kuna” in Croatian) as an hommage to the former currency.

The coins with denominations of 50, 20, and 10 cents will feature the Croatian-born scientist Nikola Tesla, and coins denominated at five, two, and one cent will depict the ancient Glagolitic script. All of these will also include the checkerboard, Croatia’s best known symbol.

Every euro zone country is allowed to design their own reverse sides of their euro coins.

The manufacturing of Croatian euro coins should begin at least six months before the introduction of the euro. It is currently unknown when Croatia might join the euro zone, but Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic repeatedly said that 2023 would be a realistic date for that to happen.

In September, the European Commission and euro zone countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Croatia outlining the practical steps that will allow the country to begin producing euro coins once it receives the go ahead to join the euro zone.


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