Croatia Rally winner fined after causing traffic accident and leaving the scene

NEWS 26.04.2021 10:46
Source: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

Current world champion and winner of the first Croatia Rally, Sebastien Ogier of France, has been fined 8,000 kuna for causing a traffic accident and leaving the scene contrary to a policeman's orders, Zagreb police said on on Sunday, adding that Ogier expressed regret and apologised.

Ogier won the first edition of Croatia Rally, the third round of the World Rally Championship held in Zagreb.

He was also fined €7,000 by the International Automobile Federation for causing a crash on Zagreb Dubrovnik Avenue at 7.15 am on Sunday and for running a red light.

Ogier was fined €5,000 and a given a conditional suspension of one race for causing the crash and leaving the scene. The suspension will be activated if he commits another offence before 26 October.

Ogier hit a BWM during a turn. Video footage shows a policeman standing in front of his car and putting his hands on the engine cover, but the driver bypassed him and continued to drive.

Only material damage was caused and according to unofficial information, his leaving the scene was most likely a misunderstanding.

He was fined an additional €2,000 for running a red light in another traffic offence.


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