Croatia agrees to take in 13 migrant children from Greece, daily reports

NEWS 12.03.2021 12:11

Croatia is going to take in 13 unaccompanied migrant children currently housed at asylum centers in Greece as soon as they pass security clearance, the Vecernji List daily said on Friday.

All the children – 12 girls and a newborn – will be provided with adequate accommodation and all the necessary psychological and social assistance as they are traumatized by war and their stay in refugee camps, the daily said, and the state agency Hina reported, without citing any sources.

The children will be given the necessary assistance during integration into society, and the support of the local community will also be needed, the newspaper said.

Croatia is one of the “ten or so” EU countries that have responded to appeals by Greece, and later by Germany, to help unaccompanied minors and show “humanity and solidarity” with Greece, which bears the brunt of the influx of migrants.

Details of the unaccompanied children have not been revealed for their protection. It is not known where they will be accommodated or from which countries they come, Vecernji List said.

Statistics show that most of the minors relocated to EU countries came from Afghanistan (51 percent), Syria (26 percent), Iraq (8 percent), the Palestinian territories (4 percent), Somalia (3 percent) and other countries (8 percent).


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