Court orders central bank to release e-mails concerning Agrokor to N1 reporter

NEWS 03.11.2021 13:10
Source: Shutterstock

The Croatian National Bank (HNB) has been ordered by the High Administrative Court to provide N1 television reporter Domagoj Novokmet with access to email correspondence between HNB Governor Boris Vujcic and the Knighthead Capital Management fund, the HNB said in a press release on Wednesday.

The HNB has received the High Administrative Court ruling concerning the exercise of the right of Domagoj Novokmet to access information.

Late last year and early this year, N1 published emails which it claimed had been exchanged between HNB Governor Vujcic and Adam Pieczonka, a junior analyst at Knighhead, saying that this correspondence helped the fund to provide credit to the now defunct Agrokor agricultural and food conglomerate and become one of its co-owners.

Wednesday’s court ruling confirmed the decision by the Information Commissioner of 1 June 2021, which granted Novokmet access to copies of email messages between HNB Vujcic and Knighthead, and ordered the central bank to make these copies available to Novokmet. The HNB was also ordered to pay 3,125 kuna in court costs for the reporter.

The HNB said it would comply with the Information Commissioner’s decision, which has now become final. Novokmet had published a portion of the requested correspondence before the final ruling.


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