Coronavirus: Slovenia logs 191 new cases as universities and hotels reopen

NEWS 26.04.2021 12:56

In the past 24 hours 191 coronavirus cases have been registered in Slovenia, the lowest number since October 11, as well as five COVID-19 deaths, the Health Ministry said on Monday.

The death toll has reached 4,208 and the number of active cases is currently 13,362. In the past 24 hours 1,354 tests have been done. Currently 643 COVID patients are hospitalised, 13 more than on Sunday, including 158 in intensive care.

The Jožef Štefan Scientific Institute said the reproduction number of the infection’s spreading is 0.96, which means the epidemic is “mildly decreasing”.

Today, after months of lockdown, universities reopened for face-to-face classes. Hotels and other tourist facilities reopened as well, and sports competitions and training are again allowed in person. However, games must be held without spectators.


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