Coronavirus: Bosnia reports 719 new cases, 35 deaths

NEWS 12.10.2021 14:47
Source: Pixabay/Ilustracija

Bosnia and Herzegovina has recorded another 719 coronavirus cases and 35 Covid-19 fatalities, the healthcare authorities confirmed on Tuesday.

The new results come from 3,002 lab tests performed on those who reported infection symptoms.

The Federation entity logged 333 new cases out of 2,081 tests, bringing the coronavirus total to 155,637. With 11 new fatalities confirmed over the past 24 hours, the death toll in this part of the country stands at 6,164.

As for Republika Srpska entity, its healthcare authorities confirmed 331 new cases out of 735 tests performed over the past 24 hours. The coronavirus total in this part of the country is now 78,353 and with 20 new deaths the death toll has reached 4,464.

Brcko District reported 55 new cases out of 186 tests performed and four fatalities. The coronavirus total in Brcko District stands at 7,956 and the death toll at 381.


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