Coronavirus: Bosnia reports 472 new cases, 20 deaths

NEWS 03.01.2022 20:07
Source: Daniel LEAL / AFP , Ilustracija

Bosnia and Herzegovina has recorded another 472 new coronavirus cases and 20 Covid-19 fatalities, the healthcare authorities confirmed on Monday.

The Federation (FBiH) entity logged 433 positive outcomes of 1,851 lab tests performed, bringing the coronavirus total to 188,475. With 11 new deaths among Covid-19 patients, the region’s death toll now stands at 7,497. Four of the fatalities were reported retroactively.

Healthcare authorities in Republika Srpska (RS) confirmed 212 new coronavirus cases out of 945 tests performed. The coronavirus total in this part of the country now stands at 94,231, and death toll is at 5,537. The region reported the total of 26 deaths, of which 18 were reported retroactively.

Brcko District reported 13 new cases and one Covid-19 fatality.


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