Carnival festivities start in Rijeka with handover of city key

NEWS 17.01.2022 17:51
Source: N1

The 39th edition of the Rijeka carnival started on Monday on the feast day of St Anthony the Abbot with the traditional ceremony of handing over the key to the city to carnival revelers, who even during the pandemic temporarily took over this seaport. 

At the formal ceremony, which due to the pandemic and epidemiological measures this year took place in the city administration building, present were Mayor Marko Filipovic, director of the Rijeka Tourist Board, Petar Skarpa, the Carnival’ longtime master Toni, his successor Sandi Pribanic and the Carnival Queen Dora Pilepic.

Director of the Rijeka Tourist Board, Petar Skarpa, recalled that the international and children’s carnival parades were shifted to take place in Rijeka this summer because holding those central events of the Rijeka Carnival would now pose a health risk.

News about those carnival parades will be released as soon as their new dates are set, depending on the epidemiological situation.

Mayor Filipovic thanked the master of the Carnival Toni for his invaluable contribution to the Rijeka Carnival, and he wished the new master luck.

Master Toni said that it was time for him to retire and that it was time for the Carnival revellers to choose his successor and their representative. Therefore, according to his decision, “the acting master of the Carnival” will be Sandi Pribanic of the Draške Maskare carnival group.

Also, master Toni decided that Dora Pilepic, who was selected last year, would again carry the title of the Rijeka Carnival Queen.

According to the city administration, carnival events will be held with a minimum number of participants and with adherence to Covid-19 protocols.


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