Bosnia court sentences former IS fighter to three years in prison

NEWS 28.01.2021 18:36
Source: BIRN BiH

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday found BiH citizen Senad Kasupovic guilty of terrorism and sentenced him to three years' imprisonment.

Kasupovic, who hails from Velika Kladuša in the northwest of the country, is one of several hundred nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina who fought on the side of the Islamic State terrorist organisation in Syria and Iraq.

In 2013 he left the country via Turkey and fought in Syria and Iraq as a member of the Al-aksa terrorist unit. The media previously reported that he had been seriously wounded at least twice while fighting alongside Islamist forces.

He was captured in the area of the Syrian city of Raqqa after the fall of Islamic State. At the end of 2019, he was deported to Bosnia and Herzegovina along with six other former IS fighters as part of a special repatriation programme, supported logistically and organisation-wise by the US government to ensure trials in countries of origin.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has so far convicted more than 20 people for fighting abroad on the side of Islamist terrorist organisations.


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