Bosnia bans export of logs, firewood, and pellets

NEWS 31.05.2022 19:06
Šumarstvo, sječa drva, trupc
Source: Unsplash/Ilustracija

Bosnia and Herzegovina's ministry of foreign trade has decided to ban the export of logs, firewood and pellets in a bid to curb a high increase in their prices.

For instance, a tonne of pellets has now reached a price of €320 while a year ago it cost €150.

Producers claim that the price has risen due to the rising prices of energy that is electricity, oil and gas.

Minister Stasa Kosarac said on Tuesday that he would make a proposal to the government at the state level to impose a ban on logs, firewood and pellets.

We must make sure that logs and raw materials remain in the country to the benefit of the local wood-processing industry. This will also enable a lower price of energy products for the coming heating season, which is in the interest of citizens, the minister said.


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