Average net salary in Croatia reaches €975 in January 2022

NEWS 18.03.2022 13:06
Source: Emica Elvedji/PIXSELL

The average net salary in Croatia in January 2022 was 7,378 kuna (€975), or nominally 5.7 percent up from 12 months ago. In real terms though, the salary remained unchanged, state agency Hina said on Friday, citing a report from the state statistics bureau.

Compared to December 2021 the average net wage for January was up by 1.3 percent in nominal terms and up by 1.0 percent in real terms. The median net salary in January 2022 was 6,175 kuna (€816).

By industry, the highest average salaries was reported in air transport, amounting to 11,569 kuna (€1,530), while the lowest average salary was in the garment industry, at 4,856 kuna (€641).

(€1 = 7.57 kuna)


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