Austrian MEP backs Tomasevic in runoff race for Zagreb Mayor

NEWS 18.05.2021 11:03
Source: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL

Thomas Waitz, an Austrian MEP and European Green Party co-chair, on Monday congratulated Tomislav Tomasevic of the green-left coalition for winning 45 percent of the vote in the Sunday's race for Zagreb Mayor, tweeting that "Zagreb deserves a citizen-led & democratic movement to lead the recovery efforts."

Waitz visited Croatia in early May at the invitation of the leader of the Croatian OraH party, Zorislav Antun Petrovic, to support the Green-Left Coalition’s candidates in the campaign in the run-up to the local elections which Croatia held on May 16.

On Monday, Waitz congratulated Tomasevic for a convincing victory in the local election in the City of Zagreb. Tomasevic will face off Miroslav Skoro of the right-wing DP party, who won 12 percent of the vote, in the runoff set for May 30.


The coalition led by Tomasevic won the election for the city assembly and was one seat short for an absolute majority.

On Monday, Waitz tweeted: “Congratulations to the Green-Left coalition for their great result in the local elections in Zagreb yesterday.”

“The Green-Left coalition won 23/47 seats in the City Assembly! Zagreb deserves a citizen-led & democratic movement to lead the recovery efforts,” he added.

On Sunday evening, Skoro harshly criticised the Green-Left coalition, saying they were “neither green nor left wing,” but instead “first and foremost extremely left wing and it will be stopped in the runoff.”

Speaking to the Croatian state news agency Hina, Waitz said that green policies are neither left nor right but rather focused on dealing with the consequences of the human beings’ actions on the climate and environment.

The European Green party also stated that its partners in Croatia were focused on the green post-quake recovery and that they promised to put an end to clientelism and poor management of the city.

Waitz, whose Greens Party is a junior partner in the ruling coalition led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Austria, says in the interview published by Hina on Tuesday that the preservation of the planet could be considered generally a conservative policy as “we would like to protect the planet for the future generations.”


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