Agreement on project documentation for 288 houses in quake-hit Banija

NEWS 30.08.2021 15:58
Source: N1

Central State Reconstruction and Housing Office state secretary Gordan Hanzek said, after a meeting of the task force dealing with the aftermath of last year's quakes on Monday, that they had agreed on drafting project documentation for 288 houses.

“It is for houses issued a yellow or red label, which are designated for reconstruction. Project documentation for the construction of standard replacement facilities has been contracted. Those are 55-, 70- and 85-square-metre buildings, for two-, three- or four-member and multi-member households. Contracts have been signed and you will be informed about their content,” Hanzek said.

He added that two solutions were planned – for rural and urban buildings. According to Hanzek, the project will first be presented to the owners, who will choose between two available types of buildings. Either type can be prefabricated or traditionally constructed, depending on the owners’ wishes. Of course, the construction period is shorter for prefabricated buildings, while the deadline will be slightly longer for traditional masonry construction.

“We expect the first contracts for the construction of replacement houses by the end of the year,” Hanzek said.


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