Acting Zagreb Mayor says she will not run in upcoming local election

NEWS 01.03.2021 09:36
Source: N1

Jelena Pavicic-Vukicevic, who is serving as Acting Mayor of the city of Zagreb following the sudden death of longtime Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, said on Sunday she will not run in the upcoming local election, scheduled to be held in May.

Speaking in an interview with the RTL commercial broadcaster on Sunday evening, the acting mayor said she will not run in May’s election as she had tied her political career to that of Milan Bandic.

She added she has not had a chance to discuss whom she will support in the upcoming election.

“Now we need to organise a commemoration and the funeral, to say goodbye to the man who led this city for the past 21 years. After that, there will certainly be enough time to discuss our next moves,” Pavicic-Vukicevic said.

“There is a lot of work to be done, we are well-organised… Our mission is to continue where Milan Bandic stopped. I believe we owe that to him, but also to our city and its people,” she said. “The people of Zagreb needn’t feel the insecurity they may be feeling at this time.”

Bandic died of a heart attack early Sunday morning. His funeral is scheduled for noon on Wednesday at Mirogoj Cemetery.


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