Slovenia confirms 1,427 new coronavirus cases, 41 deaths

NEWS 19.12.2020 18:31
Source: Jure Makovec / AFP

In the past 24 hours 1,427 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Slovenia as well as 41 COVID-19 deaths, the Slovenian government said on Saturday.

Slovenia has registered 104,982 coronavirus cases to date and 20,167 are currently active.

In the past 24 hours, 5,600 tests have been done and 25.48% have come back positive, the government said, adding that the number of new infections had dropped by 300 in the past week, decreasing for seven consecutive days.

Currently, 1,212 COVID patients are hospitalised, including 206 in intensive care. The death toll has reached 2,274.

As of today, some restrictions will be relaxed until Wednesday, but not the tightest ones such as a curfew and a ban on leaving one’s municipality. Religious services are also allowed as of today, provided each churchgoer has 30 square metres to themselves. Singing in church is not allowed, nor is gathering outside.