Opposition MPs commend President Milanovic's policy towards BiH

NEWS 08.12.2020 18:57
Source: Patrik Macek / PIXSELL

During a debate in parliament on the implementation of the Declaration of the Status of Croats in BiH on Tuesday, MP Miro Bulj (Bridge) and MP Ante Prkacin (Homeland Movement) commended President Zoran Milanovic's policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

MP Bulj claimed that Croats in BiH were “a forgotten people” and called out the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) for its policy towards Croats in BiH, that it had reduced the number of delegates from BiH from six to three and that it has renounced HVO Croat defenders from the Homeland War.

President Zoran Milanovic is a greater sovereignist than you. He had the courage to decorate HVO members, and this act has sent the message that the HVO is part of Croatia’s defence forces, said Bulj.

MP Prkacin too commended the president saying that Croatia’s policy towards BiH was superficial, insufficient, often amateurish with one honourable exception. “That is Zoran Milanovic, who knows and can. There are others who know but very few can,” said Prkacin, adding that “a great Bosniak policy” is the main cause for the disorder in BiH.

MP Hrvoje Zekanovic (Sovereignists) said that Croatia’s assistance to Croats in BiH has been brought down to humanitarian aid, education and protocol while the status of Croats in that country has never been worse.

Ruling MPs: Status of Bosnia Croats to be even worse without Zagreb’s help

On the other hand, lawmakers from the ruling majority commended the government’s efforts to protect Croats in BiH, assessing that without Croatia’s help their situation would be far worse.

If there was no help from Croatia the situation would be worse. Help is needed because Croats’ essential human rights are being abused including the right to their own home and their own hometown, MP Marijana Petir (Independent) said underscoring that Croats have to be enabled to return to their homes, to have a television channel in the Croatian language, and to elect their own political representatives.

MP Zdravka Busic (HDZ) said that over the past few decades decisions have been made that discriminate against Croats compared to the other two (constituent) peoples even though they too are a constituent people according to Bosnia’s Constitution.

That injustice is still ongoing and is best reflected in the imposition of the member to the presidency who, even though formally represents the Croats, was not elected by the will of the Croat people, she said.

The ruling majority believes that a lot has been done to implement the declaration on the status of Croats in BiH but still much remains to be done.