Slovenian, Israeli PMs discuss closer cooperation, situation in region

NEWS 08.12.2020 18:49

Slovenia and Israel are two advanced democracies, technologically capable and forward-looking, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after talks with visiting Slovenian PM Janez Jansa on Tuesday.

The two prime ministers discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations, situation in the region, and cooperation in technology, Slovenian media reported.

Netanyahu commended Jansa as a friend of Israel, saying in a post on Twitter that his visit was an opportunity for a new beginning in the two countries’ relations.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, the Israeli PM said in his post.

PM Netanyahu also wrote on his Twitter account that he hopes that Slovenia can facilitate, in its role in the EU presidency, “to have the EU understand that this is a different world and there are different opportunities, different alliances for the good, for the better.”

He thanked Jansa for the fact that Slovenia recently declared the pro-Iranian Hezbollah a terrorist organisation and supported views Israel has been advocating at international forums.

Slovenia is among those European countries that see the situation in the Middle East as it is and not as it is often depicted by the media, said Jansa.

“We are realists and recognise the real role of Israel here, its importance for peace in the world and the region. We are willing to do our best to strengthen that status,” Jansa said.

Speaking of cooperation possibilities with Israel, he said that the two countries would sign an agreement on innovation.

During his two-day stay in Israel, the Slovenian PM also met with a number of executives of Israeli companies specialising in artificial intelligence and advanced technologies.