Employers warn retail sector would not survive a new lockdown

NEWS 07.12.2020 16:31
Source: Pexels

Retailers would not survive another lockdown and that would jeopardise jobs in that sector, the retailers' section of the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) warned on Monday, commenting on announcements of new anti-Covid restrictions for retailers.

HUP recalled that it had on several occasions suggested that one should consider the implementation of the epidemiological measures befitting the situation instead of shutting stores down.

“Our retailers could not withstand a complete lockdown and that would jeopardise numerous jobs in that sector,” HUP warned, adding that retailers have suggested that certain space be assigned for a particular number of shoppers based on the size of the store.

“If the measures were to be tightened so that potential buyers cannot be allowed into a store during one day then that decision would certainly lead to a significant fall in turnover and overall consumption,” HUP warned.

HUP recalled that personal consumption in fact is one of the greatest items in Croatia’s GDP and as such it has a significant impact on all other economic stakeholders.

The head of the national Covid response team Davor Bozinovic on Monday said that that new rules for retail shops were expected in the coming days.

“At the moment we are talking with retailers regarding probablyadditional restrictions on the number of customers allowed ina a store at any given moment but everything is being done through talks with representatives in that sector,” Bozinovic underlined during a press conference. He added that he did not expect this number to be limited to one person per 10 square metres.