Grmoja: Bridge is opposed to penalising citizens

NEWS 30.11.2020 20:41
Source: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

The Bridge party's political secretary Nikola Grmoja said on Monday that the party is opposed to draconian penalties for citizens violating epidemiological measures and called for the parliament to decide on that by a two-thirds majority.

“Bridge supports responsible behaviour and adherence to measures but says a big no to rigorous penalties. We are opposed to strict, draconian measures and ask that the parliament decides on that by a two-thirds majority,” Grmoja said after the government announced a bill to amend the law on protection of the population against infectious diseases, in an effort to introduce penalties for violations.

Grmoja claimed that the bill restricts civil rights and freedoms. “It enters into their homes and violates basic articles of the Constitution and we want that to be decided by a two-thirds majority,” he added.

When it comes to measures for businesses, Grmoja believes that it is necessary to help not only those who have been compelled to shut down because of the epidemic but all those affected by the coronavirus. Bridge demands that the government take a firm stance towards banks and to ensure a moratorium on all loans and interest.