Number of employed persons drops 2.9% y-o-y in October

NEWS 20.11.2020 18:19
Source: N1

At the end of October 2020, there were 1.53 million persons in employment in Croatia, up by 0.3% on the month but 2.9% down on the year, and the registered unemployment rate was 9.1%, the national statistical office (DZS) said on Friday.

According to DZS data, there were 1,533,891 employed persons in October, which is 5,174 or 0.3% more workers than in September, however, year-on-year the total number of people employed dropped by 2.9%.

According to data from the Croatian Employment Service (HZZ), at the end of October 154,168 persons were registered as unemployed, which is 6,734 of 3.6% more jobseekers than in September.

The unemployment rate in October was 9.1%, which is 0.3 percentage points more than in September, DZS data indicates.

Year on year, unemployment increased by 26.8%.