Slovenia's health minister calls for tighter Covid-19 restrictions

NEWS 10.11.2020 20:11
Source: Anadolija (AA)

Slovenia's Health Minister, Tomaz Gantar, on Tuesday confirmed that he had proposed that the government should introduce even tighter Covid-19 restrictions than those currently in force. He added that even though other cabinet ministers disagreed with his proposal he would not step down because of their refusal.

Responding to the media on his Twitter account, Gantar noted that the epidemiological situation in the country is still not stable even though there has been some talk of relaxing measures. He considers that it is too early for that and advocates new, stricter measures that would be in force for a period of time of two weeks.

“We should restrict activities that are not essential, shut down public transport and, most importantly, we must not relax the current measures because we have not achieved a stable situation yet,” he said.

Even though he claims that he is not considering stepping down at the moment nor has Prime Minister Janez Jansa suggested that, Gantar says that he expects his stance to be respected because he is responsible for the health situation in the country.

“If my recommendations are not adopted, then sooner or later the situation will arise in which cooperation will be impossible. However, at the moment, there has not been any talk of that,” Gantar told reporters.