Ministry hands over 88 contracts for projects for employment and social services

NEWS 06.11.2020 16:54
Source: Ilustracija

The Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy has handed over 88 contracts for projects for the employment of women and for social services in the community, financed by European funds and worth over HRK 116 million.

Through 37 contracts, 372 women will be employed to provide support services to 2,254 elderly and infirm persons in the next year, the Ministry said on Friday.

Those contracts were signed as part of the second phase of the “Make a Wish” programme for the employment of women, and they are worth a total of HRK 34.3 million.

The projects are being carried out across Croatia, especially in remote and rural areas, as well as on islands. The programme plans to provide over 6,000 women with work, and they will support and take care of about 36,000 end users in their households.

Through the “Join Us — Active in Retirement” programme for strengthening the capacity of civil society organisations to improve the opportunities for active participation and social inclusion of retired persons, 40 contracts were signed, and their total worth is over HRK 64.8 million.

(€1 = HRK 7.55)