Union slams penalties for self-isolating workers as "unacceptable and unlawful"

NEWS 28.10.2020 17:30
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The SSSH trade union federation on Wednesday warned that penalties which could be imposed on workers due to their self-isolation as a measure to curb the coronavirus epidemic were unacceptable and unlawful.

A news article about the CEO of the Tehnix company in the northern region of Medjimurje, who announced a 10% reduction of monthly wages for workers who are self-isolating after coming into contact with COVID-19 patients and his threats that he would isolate them in the company’s hotel, prompted the SSSH union to condemn such statements.

The SSSH called on workers to oppose such penalties. It also urged the state institutions to check allegations and sanction the behaviour of employers, if necessary.

The SSSH said in a press release that employers should be aware that self-isolation is a specific health protection measure which is imposed by the competent authorities in accordance with the clearly defined public health and safety regulations.

The employer cannot unilaterally reduce the amount of wages for workers, it added.

The SSSH also filed a complaint with the Office of the Public Ombudswoman about this case.

Justice Minister: CEO’s statements are odd

On Wednesday afternoon, Justice and Public Administration Minister Ivan Malenica said that the statement made by the Tehnix CEO was odd.

“I don’t think such treatment of workers is fair,” he added.