Absolutely no doubt commemoration in Vukovar will be held, says Mayor Penava

NEWS 27.10.2020 12:54
Source: N1

Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava said on Tuesday that not holding the commemoration procession in Vukovar on October 18 is not an option and that city authorities plan to organise it adhering to epidemiological measures.

“Not observing Remembrance Day or not holding the commemoration procession is absolutely out of the question,” Penava told reporters.

He underlined that city authorities are sending messages that there is no room for any tension in the procession that marks the calamity of Vukovar in the Homeland War, “nor when politics is concerned, nor when coronavirus is concerned,” he said.

Penava said that city authorities would carefully monitor epidemiological measures and instructions and that they will adhere to them in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus to the minimum measure possible.

“We will find a compromise so that the procession is held while on the other hand respecting all epidemiological measures, to show responsibility towards all those participating in the procession,” concluded Penava.