Slovenia confirms 1,499 new coronavirus cases

NEWS 27.10.2020 11:43
Source: Jure Makovec / AFP

In the last 24 hours 1,499 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Slovenia and five persons have died as a result of COVID-19, the government said on Tuesday, adding that the number of daily new infections had doubled over the past week.

Yesterday 1,113 new cases were confirmed, but the percentage of infections in the tested population has dropped from over 30% to 26%.

Since the start of the epidemic, the number of cases has reached 25,579 and the death toll 256.

The 14-day incidence is 780 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Currently 560 COVID patients are hospitalised, including 86 in intensive care, the Health Ministry said.

Last Monday, 801 infections were confirmed out of 4,326 tests. Epidemiologists are talking about an “explosive” spread of the virus which required new restrictions, including a curfew and a ban on leaving one’s municipality, which will last until next week at the least.

The government will decide later this week whether to relax or further restrict measures by region.

Due to the high number of hospitalisations, an additional 700 beds will be ensured for COVID-19 patients, but Health Minister Tomaz Gantar has warned that the main problem is the shortage of trained staff.