Trade union calls for lifting ban on employment in health and social welfare

NEWS 19.10.2020 14:41

The independent union of healthcare and social workers of Croatia on Monday called on the government to urgently lift the ban on employment in the health and social welfare system, to pay health workers for working overtime and reward them for looking after Covid-19 patients.

We expect the prime minister and ministers to urgently lift the ban on employment in both systems so that we could deal with the problems caused by the coronavirus epidemic more easily, with a larger number of workers, the trade union said in its press release.

There is a shortage of nearly 4,000 nurses, as well as doctors and other medical and non-medical personnel, in the health system. There are also not enough social workers, nurses, carers and other workers in the social welfare system.

Many workers in both system are underpaid, and support personnel are paid less than the gross minimum wage in Croatia, the union said.

It expects the prime minister and health minister to deal with the issue of payments for overtime work.

The union also requested that workers looking after Covid-19 patients receive bonuses.