Grbin says parliament recess inappropriate in time of crisis

NEWS 16.10.2020 15:46
Source: N1

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader and whip Pedja Grbin said on Friday that the recess the parliament would be in for the next two weeks was unnecessary and inappropriate due to the current health, economic and social crisis in the country.

“We have a health crisis, an economic crisis as well as a deep social crisis which has manifested itself with an act of violence on Monday. I had expected the government to respond to it by inviting the Opposition to talks on how the state should cope with all that, but there was no response. Instead of that, we have a two-week recess,” Grbin told reporters in the parliament.

He said his party’s invitation to the prime minister and his party to hold a meeting with the Opposition still stood.

As for Monday’s attack on the government building, Grbin said it was an attack on state institutions, the government and the parliament.

Just as PM Plenkovic has said that it was an attack on him so could all those who were in the parliament at that time, whether they be officials, civil servants or reporters, say that it was an attack on them.

As for the cause of radicalisation in Croatia, Grbin said that “there are more than just one culprit, but the main ones are those who for the past 30 years did not mind hate speech.”

Grbin also confirmed that SDP MP Franko Vidovic was positive for coronavirus.