Max Lawson for N1: The pandemic has led to a rapid increase in global inequality

NEWS 15.10.2020 21:14
Source: N1

Max Lawson, the Head of Advocacy and Public Policy at the British non-profit organisation Oxfam which fights against poverty, spoke to N1 Television's Ivana Dragicevic for the Thursday's global affairs programme Global Fokus.

Lawson talked about the remarkable increase in global inequality during the coronavirus pandemic, excessive profits made by corporations, and the proposed tax on financial transactions which might help in fighting what Lawson described as ‘industrial levels’ of tax evasion and avoidance globally. 

He also criticised the IMF’s coronavirus-related loans and austerity policies pushed by the IMF, some of the positive side effects of the pandemic and policies adopted across the world to combat the economic shocks it caused, and also commented on Croatia’s ranking in Oxfam’s Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) index.