Union calls for raising security of police officers

NEWS 12.10.2020 17:55
Source: Ilustracija

The Croatian Police Union (SPH) on Monday condemned an attempted murder of a policeman in St. Mark's Square in Zagreb and called on the competent authorities to raise the level of security of police officers.

“SPH most harshly condemns today’s attempt of first-degree murder of a police officer with a firearm in St. Mark’s Square. We wish our wounded colleague a speedy recovery and return to a normal life while we call on the competent authorities to raise the level of security of police officers,” SPH said in a press release.

Security is a fundamental value essential for a contemporary state to function because without security life cannot normally be established and human rights cannot be exercised, such as the right to life, freedom of speech, freedom of gathering, freedom of movement and so on.

Hence SPH intends to launch talks with the Interior Ministry in the next few days related to urgently raising the level of security of police officers and consequently of all citizens.

“We believe that it is essential for the job of keeping the security of citizens to be performed by well paid police officers, with quality training and equipment,” the union says, underscoring the importance of one more criterion, and that is the sufficient number of the staff.

“Unfortunately, at the moment not one of those criteria are completely satisfied even though the government in the present and preceding term has made some positive moves, particularly with regard to equipping police officers,” SPH said.

This tragic event once again reminds us of how much our institutions and normal life are potentially exposed to the mercy of attackers whose motives can be numerous, ranging from political terrorism to problems with mental health which still needs to be determined in this particular case.

“Citizens’ personal security is the key component for a normal everyday life. When that is destroyed, serious social disruptions occur and once the feeling of security is lost, it is difficult reinstate it again,” the press release said.