Minister: Measures could possibly be introduced for certain Zagreb suburbs

NEWS 08.10.2020 20:32
Source: Unsplash (ilustracija)

After meeting with the city's civil protection authorities in Zagreb, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said on Thursday that everything was being done to adapt to the challenges in the fight against the epidemic and that measures could possibly be introduced for specific suburbs in the city.

“Record numbers are being registered in Europe and in Croatia. We are doing everything so that we can adapt organisation-wise to the challenges ahead of us. Zagreb’s civil protection is of exceptional significance. We discussed measures that could be introduced at the national level but also measures that branch offices and city quarters have recommended to the national authority,” said Bozinovic after meeting with local civil protection units in Zagreb.

He announced a meeting of the Zagreb city civil protection authority with suburban committees primarily to discuss public transport requirements for All Saints Day.

There will be one more regular meeting between the City authority with suburban committees. In the coming period, in a week or two, we will meet again to assess the situation in the city and discuss measures that we can adopt, said Bozinovic.

Asked whether measures could be introduced for certain suburbs, Bozinovic said that if a cluster appears in a particular area of Zagreb, measures will be introduced locally. The measures will be adapted according to the situation and everything will be done to avoid a lockdown, he underlined.

Croatia registered a record of 542 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday and one death while the number of active cases has increased to 2,206. Zagreb recorded a record number of 126 cases in one day.