Bihac endorses declaration to protect Una river from power plant construction

NEWS 08.10.2020 13:53
Source: Fena / Arhiv

City councillors in Bosnia's northwestern town Bihac unanimously endorsed a declaration to protect Una river, largely situated in the Una National Park, from the construction of power plants on its watershed.

The document was adopted at an initiative of councillor Armin Amidzic.

The declaration among other things suggests that economic or any other development of the City of Bihac must be based on eco-principles and that construction of power plants in the Una National Park or any other similar works along the Una river watershed would mean a “disturbing factor in the whole region surrounding the Una river.”

Also, it said that all sources of electric power that do not jeopardise the balance in nature are acceptable future solutions.

“As citizens, we are aware that the Una river is our future and something recognisable, and any attempt to change it would require a free statement of all citizens of Bihac and a just decision on the river’s future would be taken in a referendum, both now and in the future,” said the declaration. 

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The city also called the authorities in Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity and the state-level government to remove all energy projects involving the Una river from spatial plans that include the administrative territory of the City of Bihac, and to do everything in their power to stop potential devastation of this river.

“The City Council of Bihac cherishes and encourages a positive relationship towards rivers and surrounding eco-systems through education of children and public in general,” said the councillors.

The decision comes a day after Hollywood star and activist Leonardo DiCaprio called on the FBiH authorities to protect its rivers from the construction of small hydropower plant projects, as a part of the global campaign.