Official election results in Montenegro see victory for Opposition

NEWS 31.08.2020 12:35
Source: N1

Three opposition coalitions have won the majority of seats in the Montenegrin parliament and after 30 years, Milo Djukanovic's Democratic Party of Socialists will not longer be in power, according to the official election results released on Monday.

With 98.55% of the votes counted, the opposition coalitions “For the Future of Montenegro,” “Peace is our Nation,” and “Black on White” have won 35.52%, 12.55% and 5.57% of the vote respectively, securing 41 seats in the 81-seat parliament.

The parties in power until now had won 38 seats – Djukanovic’s DPS won 35.12% of the vote, the Social Democrats 4.09%, the Bosniak Party 3.81%, the Albanian Slate 1.61%)and the Albanian Coalition Unanimously 1.16%.

Ranko Krivokapic, who dissented from Djukanovic’s party in 2016, won 3.14% of the vote with his SDP party in Sunday’s election, gaining two seats in the parliament.

After participating in the parliamentary election for the first time, two Croat minority parties – the Croatian Civil Initiative and the Croatian Reformist Party – won 0.27% and 0.13% of the vote respectively but did not manage to win a seat in the parliament which requires at least 0.35% of the vote.

The leaders of the opposition coalitions proclaimed a victory and called on minority parties to join them in the government.

Djukanovic’s party was defeated at the local level of the election too.