Strict measures for Split area due to surge in coronavirus infections

NEWS 26.08.2020 20:06
Source: Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL

The Split-Dalmatia County Covid-19 management team on Wednesday proposed 14-day measures that will enter into force on Thursday, to battle a surge of infections in that county.

The measures need to be approved by the national Covid-19 response team.

At a press conference at the Teaching Institute of Public Health, the local team said that gyms and fitness facilities would close, organised sports activities would be banned, wearing masks would be mandatory indoors when there are more than three people, and a maximum of 50 people could attend wedding receptions.

The number of people at a funeral will also be limited to 50, there will be no wakes, and the number of people attending family gatherings will be limited to 20. At exhibitions, religious and social gatherings, performances and other events it is mandatory to wear masks, physical distance must be maintained and disinfectants must be used.

In restaurants, people can remove their masks while consuming drinks and food, but they must wear a mask if they leave the table.

Local teams will step up inspections of the implementation of measures, as well as of organisers of events.

Visiting nursing homes is banned.

The measures will remain in place for 14 days.