Slovenia registers 13 new Covid cases in past 24 hours

NEWS 17.08.2020 13:45

Thirteen new cases of the coronavirus have been identified in the last 24 hours when 393 tests were conducted in Slovenia, the government tweeted on Monday.

That brings the number of people infected since the outbreak of the epidemic to 2,429 and there are currently 248 active cases. So far, 129 people have died, while there has been no Covid-related fatality in the last 24 hours.

There are currently 19 patients being treated in hospitals for Covid-19 and three are in intensive care units, Slovenia’s health ministry said.

Over the past week 174 new cases were identified in the country, and according to Slovenia’s government a good portion of them were “imported” from Croatia with young people returning from holidays during which they did not adhere to recommendations and epidemiological measures.

The Prime Minister Janez Jansa government will probably make a decision on Thursday whether to introduce restrictions for passengers from Croatia entering Slovenia as recommended by epidemiologists who are monitoring the situation. The decision will be made based on the results of testing to be conducted at the start of this week.

One of the measures suggested is a two-week self-isolation for anyone aged between 15 and 35 upon returning to Slovenia. Even more radical measures have been mentioned such as compulsory self-isolation for all Slovenian citizens or those with permanent residency who have travelled out of the country.

One of the reasons to ramp up measures at border crossings, according to media outlets in Slovenia, is to prevent the virus from entering the school system as the school year is scheduled to start on September 1.