Bosnia's coronavirus total passes 15,000, more than 9,000 patients recover

NEWS 13.08.2020 12:49

Bosnia and Herzegovina has reported another 222 coronavirus infections in its two regions, 143 in the Federation (FBiH) and 79 in Republika Srpska (RS), the healthcare authorities reported on Thursday.

Of 14,939 Covid-19 patients confirmed in the two semi-autonomous regions since the epidemic outbreak, 9,062 have recovered to date and 443 died as a consequence of the coronavirus infection.

Brcko District, a separate administrative unit in the north, have reported 245 infections to date. 94 patients have recovered and 15 died.

According to Bosnia’s Civil Affairs Ministry, the country’s coronavirus total stands at 15,184, with 9,156 Covid-19 patients who have recovered to date and 458 of those who died, leaving 5,570 active cases in the whole country.

The total of 157,586 persons has been tested in the country by August 13 — 56,280 in RS, 98,927 in the FBiH and 2,379 in Brcko District.