Slovenian govt allows reopening of libraries, galleries and museums

NEWS 29.04.2020 14:38
Source: Pixabay

Libraries, art galleries and museums in Slovenia could open their doors to visitors as of Wednesday due to the improved epidemiological situation, while restaurants and pubs with open spaces, terraces and courtyards, will be allowed to reopen on Monday.

It has been announced that some restrictions will be relaxed, however this will not apply on the ban on leaving one’s place of residence.

The Slovenian government announced on Tuesday evening that libraries, art galleries and museum would reopen on Wednesday, and that real estate agencies and chimney sweep service providers could resume their work.

However, libraries, galleries and museums in Slovenia remained closed on Wednesday although the government last night gave them permission to reopen as of today.”The institutions say they need to prepare to reopen and that this cannot be done overnight. They expect to be able to welcome first visitors in early May,” the Slovenian STA news agency said on Wednesday morning.

Starting on Monday, restaurants with open spaces, such as terraces and courtyards, will be allowed to start serving guests, and the restriction under which persons over the age of 65 could only go shopping between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. has been lifted.

Clothing and footwear repair shops, as well as key making workshops, will also reopen on Monday, and photographers, photocopier services, tailors, watchmakers and jewelers, furriers and leather goods manufacturers will resume work.

Beauty salons will also reopen then.