First Rijeka Film Festival takes place March 25-29

NEWS 08.03.2020 14:01
Source: N1

The Art-kino cinema in Rijeka organises the first Rijeka Film Festival from 25 to 29 March.

The first Rijeka Film Festival will be held at two locations, the Art-kino cinema and the Youth Culture Centre Palach, as part of the Times of Power flagship of the European Capital of Culture 2020 programme, the Art-kino cinema announced.

“The origin of a film is not important for the Rijeka Film Festival – it is open to the entire world. It is only important that it sparks conversations and encourages questioning. Because the Art-kino cinema is not only a place where films are shown and watched, but also a place where they are discussed, a place for education, communication, and research of the art of motion pictures, a place for thought in film and thought about film,” the Art-kino cinema stated in the announcement.